Welcome to the Human Resources Section of Crime Research Investigation Agency of India

At Crime Research Investigation Agency of India, we believe in nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and creating a conducive work environment where every individual can thrive. Our Human Resources department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that we attract, retain, and develop the best talent to support our mission of combating crime and ensuring the safety and security of our nation.

Our Commitment to Our Employees:

  1. Equal Opportunity: We are committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all individuals regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or age. We believe in fostering an inclusive workplace where diversity is celebrated and valued.

  2. Professional Development: We recognize the importance of continuous learning and growth. We offer various training programs, workshops, and opportunities for professional development to enhance the skills and capabilities of our employees.

  3. Work-Life Balance: We understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We offer flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and other initiatives to support the well-being of our employees.

  4. Career Advancement: We encourage internal mobility and provide opportunities for career advancement within the organization. We believe in recognizing and rewarding performance and promoting from within whenever possible.

Current Job Openings:

Explore exciting career opportunities with Crime Research Investigation Agency of India. We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team and contribute to our mission. Visit our Careers page to view current job openings and submit your application.

Employee Benefits:

  1. Competitive Compensation: We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract and retain top talent in the industry.

  2. Health and Wellness: We provide comprehensive health and wellness benefits to our employees, including medical insurance, wellness programs, and access to fitness facilities.

  3. Retirement Plans: We offer retirement plans and savings programs to help our employees plan for their future.

  4. Employee Assistance Program: We offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide confidential counseling and support services to employees and their families.

Join Our Team:

Are you passionate about making a difference and fighting crime? Join us at Crime Research Investigation Agency of India and be part of a dynamic team dedicated to serving our nation. Explore our career opportunities and embark on a rewarding journey with us.

For inquiries related to Human Resources, please contact hr@criaindia.gov.in.

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At Crime Research Investigation Agency of India, we are committed to excellence, integrity, and professionalism in everything we do. Join us in our mission to make our nation safer and more secure.