In order to build bridges between Police personnel and intellectual and energetic youths, the Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India offers internship to researchers and senior college students for a period 1 to 6 months. After completion of internship, CRIAI gives a certificate to the internee. Till today184 Internees from all over India have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Applications are invited from students/scholars having a specific interest in policing, law enforcement and criminal justice, Criminology related subjects, for short and medium term Internship Programme of the Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India. This programme is intended to involve young students/scholars in research and related activities of the Organisation. The programme is intended to help the interns to get a first-hand familiarity with some of the major challenges being faced by the Criminal Justice System in general and the Police in particular, in maintaining public order and combating crime.

Students interested in undergoing the internship programme may apply directly to the CRIAI at with their cover letter, resume and a letter of recommendation.

o Project management

o Editing/writing
o Event Planning
o Social Media
o Design (Web, invitations etc.)
o Crimnology
o Research
o Administration
o Business


The objective of ‘Internship Programme’ is to help the participating students and scholars in getting a first-hand familiarity with some of the major challenges being faced by the Police in maintaining public order and combating crime and realization of the vision and mission of the Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India towards achieving a professionally competent and socially sensitive, accountable police system in the country. The selected candidates will be given opportunities to participate in the activities of the CRIAI, in organizing and participating in seminars, conferences, and workshops as well as certain research activities. Candidates will get opportunities to identify key challenges and issues confronting the police, and interacting with researchers and members with a view to honing their research and writing skills, visualizing and writing project proposals, as well as proactively participate in the Foundation’s activities, depending upon the interest, skills and specialization plans of the intern.


The Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India intends to develop the scheme as a win-win project for the interns as well as the Foundation. For the students, the internship will provide the exposure and opportunities for honing their skills and knowledge in research, policy analysis and public policy related issues confronting the country, with particular emphasis on ensuring public peace and order as well as crime control, police community relationships etc. The Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India can get the benefit of making use of the services of the young Student community in disseminating the importance of a peaceful and crime free society as a pre-requisite for economic and social development. The interns could be potential Ambassadors of the vision of the police foundation in realizing a police force that is Professionally efficient, socially sensitive and accountable to the citizens, following the principles of Rule of Law in all their activities.

The interns of the Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India are not paid. All costs related to Transportation, accommodation, and living expenses must be borne by the interns themselves.


• 2-3 months for undergraduate students in any discipline/subject.

• 6 months for post graduates in any discipline/subject.

• 12 months for doctoral students participating in academic research programmes.


Through our internship programme, we aim to provide interns with an insight into the world of an independent think tank. Interns will assist Crime Research Investigation Agency Of India staff by undertaking a wide range of tasks, including:

• Writing up meeting/conference/seminar notes
• Conducting literature reviews and web-based research
• Assisting with the organization of events
• Assisting with policy influencing work (e.g. responding to consultations or summarising policy developments)
• Monitoring the news and/or social media to inform current policy work to carry out analysis of the social media schemes of the police foundation and improving the efficiency of social Media based outreach programmes. Providing technical assistance. • Administrative tasks
• Participation in planning and research related activities of the Foundation. Interns will get Opportunities to participate in ongoing schemes as well as the opportunities to visualize and submit new schemes for consideration for realizing the vision and mission of the organization.
• Compilation/collation of data/information on various issues confronting policing and making use of the data for empirical analysis.
• Improving our communication strategies, making use of website, social media, print and electronic media.


• Interest in policing and criminal justice issues and their implications;

• Skills relating to research, writing, and editing as well as an analytical mind;
• Knowledge of Research Design and Methods will be desirable;
• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously;
• Good verbal and written communication skills;
• Experience in working in an IT enabled environment;
• Good project management skills and attention to detail;
• Good interpersonal skills, including maturity, and the ability to work independently and in a team.


• The applicants are required to furnish a Letter of Recommendation from their current or previous supervisor/ institutional head/ employer.
• Selected interns will be required to furnish an undertaking of good discipline and working towards the vision and mission of the Foundation and not to make use of the Foundation’s documents for extraneous purposes without prior permission;
• Confirming the understanding that no monetary incentive/support would be available under this programme;


Students and scholars are encouraged to apply for internship throughout the year, but selections will be made in convenient batches.


• There would be an Internship Coordinator who would be responsible for processing of Applications and attend to all issues related to this programme. The coordinator would be coordinating the entire internship exercise, including networking and communication with applicants, university authorities and other stakeholders.
• Upon satisfactory completion of the internship, appropriate certificates of internship will be issued to the candidates.
• Interns would be provided necessary logistics such as desk space, internet facility and stationery items but they need to bring their own laptops with them.
• Termination of Internship(s) and resolution of disputes: The Foundation shall have the right to appraise/review performance of interns and enforce timely completion of various assignments. It would be desired from the Interns to complete their project activity satisfactorily in stipulated time. The Foundation shall have the right to cancel the internship without any notice, in cases of indiscipline or undesirable behaviour on the part of the intern. Students interested in undergoing the internship programme may apply directly to the CRIAI at with their cover letter, resume and a letter of recommendation.