Do you have the dedication and passion to play a positive role as a citizen, to do voluntary service for a public cause?

Our CRIAI perform a crucial role in protecting the lives and property of citizens, controlling crime and maintaining societal peace which is considered essential for India’s internal security and democracy. CRIAI is a think tank of a coalition of progressive police officers and citizen stakeholders. We believe that a peaceful and crime-free society is essential to focus on India’s fight against poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and disease.

The CRIAI Online Volunteer Scheme is a platform to build partnership between citizens and the police. CRIAI Volunteers will help in promoting community engagement, trust and harmony among citizens, spreading awareness about how policing touches the lives of every citizen and why good policing is essential for India’s internal security and economic development.

Citizens of a democratic country have an important responsibility of providing feedback on the quality of governance. CRIAI’s Annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey gauges public perceptions about the quality of police service and thereby helps the police to continuously improve their services.

CRIAI invites the partnership of up to 10 citizens from every District of India, to be our Online Volunteers to support us in this mission. The CRIAI Online Volunteers will be required to assist us in conducting the annual citizen satisfaction survey so that we can capture feedback and diverse voices, from every district in the country.

If you are willing to provide voluntary and impartial service to this cause, please register online using the link provided below. Your personal particulars will be kept strictly confidential.

Please note that this call is for persons wanting to volunteer. There is no financial or any other remuneration for this voluntary work. CRIAI Online Volunteers will be given e-Certificates of Volunteering, in recognition of their contribution, at the end of the year. For students and youth, the CRIAI Volunteering Certificate would be a valuable addition to their Biodata / CV.

If you have questions, please write to: