The main aim of CRIAI – Crime Research Investigation Agency of India is to develop relationship between Police, Public and Media for Control Criminal Activities like Anti Nation activity, Smuggling, Organize Ganges, Fake Currency, Illegal Arms, Terrorism activity, Sexual Harassment, Child Labour, Bonded Labour and all type of criminal activities, Our main moto is highlight the exemplary deeds & achievements of both Policemen & Media personnel, before the common masses. We are providing a common platform for a) Police, b) Media c) Public for better understanding, coordination & support for their die hard efforts in highlighting/ eradicating Corruption/ Scams & other social evils from the society. You can also support and contribute towards the better and safe society,

What we do??


In the realm of law enforcement, the synergy between the police and the public plays a pivotal role in combating crime effectively. Recognizing this symbiotic relationship, the Crime Research Investigation Agency of India (CRIAI) places great emphasis on fostering strong ties between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. The foundation of this endeavor lies in nurturing a culture of trust, cooperation, and collaboration between the police and the public, thereby creating a safer and more secure society.

Importance of Police-Public Friendship

The significance of police-public friendship cannot be overstated. It serves as a formidable deterrent to criminal activities, enhances community safety, and facilitates the swift resolution of crimes. Moreover, a harmonious relationship between the police and the public fosters a sense of belonging and ownership among citizens towards law enforcement efforts, leading to increased civic participation and support.

Initiatives by CRIAI

Community Policing Program

CRIAI actively promotes community policing initiatives aimed at bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and the public. Through regular interactions, outreach programs, and community engagement activities, police officers establish meaningful connections with residents, thereby gaining valuable insights into local concerns and effectively addressing them.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Recognizing the importance of public awareness in crime prevention, CRIAI conducts extensive campaigns to educate citizens about various safety measures, crime reporting procedures, and the importance of cooperating with law enforcement authorities. By empowering the public with knowledge and resources, CRIAI strengthens the collective resolve against crime.

Citizen Advisory Boards

CRIAI encourages the establishment of citizen advisory boards comprising representatives from diverse communities. These boards serve as platforms for constructive dialogue, feedback exchange, and collaborative problem-solving between the police and the public. By involving citizens in decision-making processes, CRIAI fosters a sense of ownership and accountability in law enforcement practices.

Training and Sensitization Programs

CRIAI conducts specialized training sessions and sensitization programs for police personnel to enhance their interpersonal skills, cultural competence, and understanding of community dynamics. By equipping officers with the necessary tools and knowledge, CRIAI ensures that law enforcement efforts are conducted with empathy, respect, and professionalism, thereby strengthening trust and rapport with the public.

Benefits of Police-Public Friendship

Crime Prevention

A strong relationship between the police and the public acts as a powerful deterrent to criminal activities, as citizens are more likely to report suspicious behavior and cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Enhanced Public Safety

Collaborative efforts between the police and the public lead to timely intervention, swift response to emergencies, and proactive crime prevention measures, thereby creating safer communities for all.

Improved Law Enforcement Effectiveness

By leveraging the support and cooperation of the public, law enforcement agencies can gather crucial intelligence, gather evidence, and apprehend offenders more effectively, leading to higher rates of crime detection and conviction.

Strengthened Social Cohesion

Police-public friendship fosters a sense of unity, solidarity, and mutual trust within communities, thereby promoting social cohesion, resilience, and collective action against crime and injustice.


In conclusion, the Crime Research Investigation Agency of India recognizes the indispensable role of police-public friendship in promoting safety, security, and justice. Through collaborative initiatives, community engagement efforts, and mutual respect, CRIAI endeavors to build a society where the police and the public stand together as allies in the fight against crime. By nurturing this partnership, CRIAI reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the welfare and well-being of all citizens, fostering a culture of peace, harmony, and prosperity across the nation.

One of CRIAI prime motive is to develop healthy public police relations all over India. As in India there has always been a gap between people and police relationship. People in India are not that much aware about there rights and what kind of helps the can avail from police department, hence in many cases it has been seen that the proper channel of investigation into vital matters was lacking only because people don’t have that much trust on police administration. But now with passing time and modernization of India people are getting aware of there rights and other services. That’s especially seen in Indian metros where there has been lot of improvements in police practices and there work scenario has also improved. Now most of police departments have gone online with changing technology trends. We always make it a point in all our meets in India which is attended by hundreds of our members and other guests to understand there fundamental rights and also as of now there has been new amendments in right to information act, so anyone can get information related to any matter pertaining to administrative departments related to that persons activities. it is to be noticed that in normal situations people don’t report a crime to police due to the fear of being harassed later on by police and court proceedings related to that case. So it is our responsibility as a social service organization to let people know how they can proceed with taking the crime case to police and what suitable actions can be taken in this matter. Especially women in our society are more often seen not reporting crime to police and it is only because they don’t know the rules and solutions. We also arrange road shows to spread awareness relating to public police relation. We also have the support of government of India and various other social development organization who coordinate with us to make India crime free and make society more secure and health.