Welcome to the Human Rights Cell of the Crime Research Investigation Agency of India

At the Crime Research Investigation Agency of India, we are committed to upholding the fundamental human rights of all individuals. The Human Rights Cell serves as a cornerstone in our mission to ensure justice, fairness, and respect for human dignity in every aspect of our work.

Our Mission

The mission of the Human Rights Cell is to safeguard and promote human rights through effective investigation, advocacy, and collaboration. We are dedicated to upholding the principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution, as well as international human rights standards, to protect the rights of every individual within our jurisdiction.

Key Objectives

  1. Protection of Human Rights: We strive to protect the human rights of all individuals, including victims, witnesses, suspects, and detainees, throughout the investigation process.

  2. Promotion of Equality and Non-Discrimination: We are committed to ensuring equality and non-discrimination in our investigations and interactions with the public, regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or socio-economic status.

  3. Accountability and Transparency: We promote accountability and transparency in our actions and decisions, fostering public trust and confidence in the criminal justice system.

  4. Capacity Building and Training: We provide ongoing training and capacity-building programs to enhance the knowledge and skills of our personnel in human rights principles and practices.

  5. Community Engagement and Outreach: We engage with communities to raise awareness of human rights issues, foster dialogue, and build partnerships to address challenges and promote respect for human dignity.

Services Offered

  1. Complaint Mechanism: We provide a platform for individuals to report human rights violations and seek assistance or redressal.

  2. Legal Assistance and Support: We offer legal guidance and support to individuals who have experienced human rights violations or require assistance in navigating the justice system.

  3. Counseling and Rehabilitation: We provide counseling and rehabilitation services to victims of human rights abuses, helping them recover and rebuild their lives.

  4. Advocacy and Public Awareness: We engage in advocacy efforts to raise awareness of human rights issues and promote a culture of respect for human dignity within society.

If you have any inquiries, concerns, or complaints related to human rights issues, please feel free to contact us:

Crime Research Investigation Agency of India

Your rights matter to us, and we are here to ensure that they are protected and respected at all times. Thank you for your trust in the Crime Research Investigation Agency of India.